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Pay Per Click Return on Investment

No one wants to waste money, which is why it's important for online marketers to know when to stop an unprofitable pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. While the cost-effectiveness of many traditional forms of advertising are difficult or downright impossible to measure, PPC marketing is easy to track and evaluate. By carefully assessing your spending, ad clicks, and conversion rates, you can ... Learn more

Joint Pain Relief Affiliate Program

Want to market the world’s leading Joint Pain Relief Affiliate Program, look no further! offers the highest payouts, an incredible 50% on revenue, an additional 5% for any Webmaster you refer to us, plus an unheard of 50% on all reorders; when a sale comes in with your affiliate code the customer now belongs to you in our database. Joint Advance is a natural formula desi... Learn more

How To Use YouTube to Generate Traffic

How To Use YouTube to Generate Traffic Every day, thousands of online viewers from all over the world peruse the many video clips hosted on YouTube. The recent purchase of the popular website by search giant Google to the tune of 1.65 billion dollars highlights the massive appeal of this new form of online entertainment. As many online marketers have discovered, YouTube presents a unique... Learn more

Fundamentals of Site Optimization

While search marketing and content development are essential for success on the Web, overlooking site optimization can seriously undermine your online marketing efforts. What is website optimization, exactly? Site optimization refers to techniques and strategies designed to reduce website size, minimize complexity and ensure that all pages load quickly and efficiently. Why is site optimi... Learn more

Content Development and Strategy

In the online world, the mantra of "content is king" continues to hold true. The key to building a successful and long-lasting website is to create top-quality content that draws in viewers, improves online visibility, and establishes your site as an authority within your industry. How can you ensure that your website content is achieving these goals? Tom Elliott, CEO of Content Kings Me... Learn more

How To Increase Your Web Traffic On A Daily Basis

In order for your website to be a success, it is important to find creative ways to increase your Web traffic. While there are a number of techniques to help grow your site, the truth is that there are no quick fixes that will immediately result in lots of traffic over the long term. The most effective way to increase your traffic on a daily basis is to plan for the future, focus on prov... Learn more

A Day In The Life Of A "Super" Affiliate Marketer

While many merchants can claim to have thousands of affiliates, a great number of these affiliates generate very few sales. Affiliates often sign up for programs and place links on their website, yet fail to generate link clicks and actual purchases. In some cases, however, a handful of creative and innovative affiliates manage to outsell hundreds of other marketers. What is a "Super" Af... Learn more

How To Write Stellar Advertising Copy For Search Marketing Campaigns

Top-notch advertising copy can mean the difference between success and failure in online marketing. Quality Web copy is necessary to accomplish the three main goals of search marketing. 1. Search Positioning: Well-crafted advertising copy improves the rank of your Web pages and directs more traffic to your site. 2. Online Branding: Your online advertising copy is your primary vehicle for... Learn more

Best Link Placement Tips

When planning your website, it is important to give a considerable amount of thought to link placement. The location of links on your own pages and outside websites can have a major impact on the effectiveness of your search optimization efforts and your overall site traffic. Well-placed links motivate users to click, result in better search rankings and direct traffic toward important p... Learn more

How To Use Links To Build Quality Traffic

While original Web content is vital to search engine success, most experts agree that links are one of the keys to attracting quality site traffic. Incoming links from other websites not only direct new readers to your site; they also improve your ranking in major search engines. Before you start soliciting links from other sites and adding your links to online directories, it is importa... Learn more


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