How to Promote Your Website

In order to generate site traffic, you need to find effective ways to promote and market your website. Effective website promotion involves utilizing a number of different strategies and tools to attract new viewers. Fortunately, you don't need to be a marketing expert to get great results. Simply incorporating a few of the following tactics into your promotional efforts can have an amazing impact.

Achieve Results with Search Engine Optimization

The vast majority of website traffic is generated by search engines. In order to get a lot of search traffic, your website needs to earn a good position in search engine page results. The ideal is to get your website into the top ten search placements for a highly searched keyword or phrase.

How can you improve your website's search rank? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to achieving the best results in the major search engines. By learning a few basic SEO techniques, you can dramatically improve your website's chances for search engine success.

Good SEO begins with choosing a set of target keywords to focus on. Start by utilizing tools such as the Overture Keyword Tool and the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool to learn more about what people are searching for on the Web. Once you have a list of target search terms, you can begin optimizing your website.

In order to rank for each term, you need to create website content focused on that specific word or phrase. Articles, product reviews, commentary, and tutorials are all great ways to draw in users and improve your search rankings. Choose one major keyword for each piece of content you create and place this keyword in specific locations, such as the META title, page title, subheadings and link boxes. These simple additions to a Web page can have a significant impact on your search placement for your selected keywords.

Build a Loyal Readership with Blogs and RSS Feeds

Once you've created quality content and optimized it for search, it's time to look for additional ways to augment your marketing efforts. Blogs have become one of the greatest and most effective website promotion tools, offering a fast and easy way to reach out to new visitors. Adding a blog to your website homepage is a great way to keep your site fresh and up-to-date, which is appealing to both readers and search engines. Blogs also allow you to form an immediate relationship with readers, making them more likely to visit your website again in the future.

RSS (Real Simple Syndication) allows bloggers to promote their blog and website to an even wider audience. Individuals can subscribe to your RSS feed and other websites can even feature your feed on their own site or blog. This is a great way to generate more incoming links to your website, which can dramatically improve your site traffic and search rankings.

Join the Discussion with Online Forums

Online forums present another great opportunity to promote your website. Try joining online forums that are related to your topic and posting meaningful comments, questions, or answers to other participants. Include a link to your website in your forum signature so that other users can check out your site. Another great idea is to add a forum to your own website. By giving your viewers a chance to participate and interact, you can build a loyal and lasting audience that will generate even more traffic for your site.

Experiment with Social Marketing, Podcasting and Viral Video

Some of the newest online marketing techniques offer a wealth of opportunity to those willing to take advantage of the latest online trends. Social marketing gives viewers the opportunity to share what they have found with friends and other online users. Explore this area by adding links to social websites such as Digg, Furl and to all of your online articles.

Giving your viewers interesting and unique information that they can share is another great ways to promote your website to a broad audience. Free podcasts and videos are an excellent way to attract new users and inspire them to keep coming back for more. Effectively marketing your website is about much more than simply building your site and waiting for traffic to come to you. In order to build an audience, you need to focus on some tried and tested promotional strategies as well as some innovative and emerging techniques. By taking a diverse approach to promoting your website, you can establish brand recognition and build traffic for your site.

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