Market Health Bolsters Affiliate Program With Revolutionary Weight Loss Pill

(BURBANK, Calif. July, 10, 2008) -- Health and beauty affiliates with a thirst for providing the most revered products in the industry can look to Market Health's continuously expanding network. Market Health, the world's largest integrated online marketing company in the health and beauty industry, added the new Caralluma Burn weight loss pill to their affiliate program last Wednesday, July 2.

"Adding Caralluma Burn to the queue is an exciting development for our affiliate network," said Donna Fisher, of Market Health. "While we are already dedicated to providing substantial offerings for our affiliates, adding Caralluma puts us on the forefront of ground-breaking weight loss products."

Fisher said that Caralluma Burn has taken the weight loss market by storm with its clinically proven ability to promote appetite suppression. "If you haven't heard of Caralluma yet, you will."

Fisher also stated that, given its patent protected status, Caralluma Burn offers a significant level of competition for various Hoodia products. "Anyone marketing weight loss products or interested in getting started will want to take advantage of this offer," he said.

Affiliates can earn up to 100 dollars per sale through the Caralluma Burn weight loss pill program.

The Caralluma Burn weight loss pill includes a 90-day money back guarantee. The pill is also caffeine free and made from all natural ingredients.

Fisher said that affiliates in the Market Health network stand to earn as much as 60 percent per sale, as well as five percent from Web master sales referrals.

Features of the Market Health affiliate program include MSN, Google and Yahoo! conversion tracking, hidden affiliate link technology and custom pixel tracking. Market Health affiliates are also able to download branded Web sites equipped with free, unrestricted Web hosting accounts, RSS article feeds and XML data feeds.

Caralluma Burn is located in the weight loss portion of the Market Health affiliate marketing program.

Established in 1998 and formerly known as, Market Health is now the world's largest integrated online marketing company in the health and beauty industry. The Market Health affiliate program allows affiliates to market and promote the world's leading health and beauty offers on the Net. Market Health offers the highest paying affiliate commissions and the most advanced tracking software in the industry.

For more information about the Caralluma Burn weight loss affiliate program, visit the website at, or contact Fisher at (818) 303-2600.

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